Updated Legal Highs Photo
At some point in 2009, I decided we needed a photo of some legal highs to spruce up the website a bit, so I grabbed a pack of everything we stocked at the time and half-heartedly arranged them by hue, grabbed our 5 megapixel point-and-shoot camera (typical of the 00's - took about 6 rechargeable AA batteries, used some weird ancestor of an SD card, piss-poor image quality, grain-central) and grabbed a quick snap. That'll do, I must have thought. Original "legal highs" photo from 2009 And it DID do! Pretty good going actually. I wheel it out every time I've written some content about ..
Turn on, tune in and drop out.
Timothy Leary was a psychology professor at Harvard University during the 1950s and 1960s. At that time, many scientists were studying LSD. Leary began to experiment with the drug, too. He gave it to prison inmates and to some of his students, and he often took it himself. Leary believed that LSD’s mind-altering effects could help people achieve spiritual and intellectual awakenings, and he encouraged people to use it. He coined the phrase “Turn on, tune in, and drop out,” which became popular among the 1960s counterculture. Leary helped spark the Psychedelic Movement, which was based on using..
Is Salvia dangerous? Bias in research.
Public awareness of Salvia divinorum is always growing; mostly thanks to scaremongering media reports about the new ‘legal high’ that is threatening our safety. Unfortunately, the majority of instances of Salvia use we hear about in the media focus on reckless or irresponsible use of the plant. What we don’t hear a lot about is the responsible use of Salvia, or the amazing medical potential of the plant. Hundreds of scientists are currently studying Salvia in the hope of finding a cure for addiction, or developing groundbreaking new painkillers. It’s important that the people in government who..
AYAHAUSCA, Yage, Caapi, Soul Vine, Malpighiaceae (Banisteriopsis caapi)
Other Names: Ambihuasca, ambiwáska, ayawáska, biaxii, caji, caapi, calawaya, cipó, daime, daba, dapá, djungle tea, djunglehuasca, doctor, dschungel ambro- sia, el remdio, hoasca, honi, kaapi, kahi, hakpi, la purga, meti, mihi, natema, natemä, nepe, nepi, nixi honi, nixi paé, notema, ohoasca, pilde, pildé, pinde, pindé, remedio, sachahuasca, snato daime, tea, the brew, vegetal, yagé, yajé, yaxé Identification: A shrub or climbing, twisting vine (or liana) with chocolate brown, smooth bark. Leaves are opposite, 6"–7" long, 3" wide, oval, double tapered, margins entire. Flowers are pink with 1..
Ibogaine is a hallucinogenic drug that has been used for hundreds of years by members of an African religious group. It has been suggested that ibogaine may have a potential use as a treatment for some types of drug addiction. Ibogaine is a naturally occurring chemical from an African shrub that is traditionally used by West and Central African groups for its dream like effects. In recent years, Western scientists have been investigating its use as a medicine to combat dependence and withdrawal from a variety of addictive drugs. Ibogaine is a psychoactive drug found in the root bark of t..
Salvia: Designer Therapies
In this blog series I’ve talked a lot about the potential of Salvia in the treatment of depression, addiction and pain. I also examined the molecular pharmacology of Salvinorin A, the main psychedelic constituent in Salvia. Throughout these posts, I’ve discussed how Salvinorin A itself is not ideal for therapy due to its short duration of action and the intense psychedelic effects it induces. As such, scientists are currently trying to create compounds that are based on Salvinorin A, but with additional desirable qualities, such as a longer duration of action and affinity for other receptors..
COCAINE, COCA Erythroxylacea (Erythroxylon coca)
Identification: Evergreen shrub grows 7'–10' tall, with straight branches. Thin leaves are oval and taper at both ends. Small flowers in clusters with short stalks; corolla is composed of 5 yellowish-white petals with heart-shaped anthers. Pistil has 3 carpels; berries red. Habitat: Andean mountain dweller (Peru, Bolivia). Toxins/Drugs: Coca alkaloid. When chewed, coca acts as a mild stimulant and suppresses hunger, thirst, pain, and fatigue. Historical documentation suggests that raw coca is not addictive. There appear to be no deleterious effects from the consumption of the leaf in its na..
Strongman herbal incense legal high has arrived at Legal Highs Store
Strongman legal high herbal incense has finally made it to Legal Highs Store. Packed in it's popular branded packet, strongman legal high has one of the highest concentration of canabinoid elements that makes this herbal incense legal high one of the most popular legal high weeds in the market at the moment. Buy Strongman legal high in bulk to enjoy massive discount. Use Strongman Legal High responsibly. Legal Highs Store Team..
Free Delivery, More Products and Website Improvements
Thanks to everyone who responded to our recent customer satisfaction survey. We were blown away by all the positive comments and collected lots of useful feedback about changes you'd like us to make. I got stuck in almost immediately, and have been working on those changes every day for the past couple of weeks. In no particular order, here's what I've done so far and what's still in the pipeline: Free Delivery & Shipping to More Countries We now offer totally free first class delivery to all of the UK and have reduced EU Airmail down to £2 for small orders and free for larger ones..
MARIJUANA, Weed, Hemp, Ganja, Reefer, Pot, Panama Red Cannabaceae (Cannabis sativa)
Identification: Small to large plant. Potent hybrids are smaller. Leaves are 5-bladed, serrated (toothed) leaflets. Plant has a tough fibrous stem. Green female flower buds are the sought after part. Habitat: Subtropical and High-potency hybrid marijuana buds temperate; wild strain is drought tolerant and will grow equally well on drained and marshy wet soils. In Michigan, before the legalization of medical marijuana in 2008, it was typically grown in canvas or coarse fiber grain sacks or flour bags stuffed with compost, and then placed atop rich wetland earth (or any other somewhat inacces..
Drone Mexedrone is now available at Legal Highs Store
Best pure Mexedrone branded as Drone now is available at Legal Highs Store. Legal Highs Store is very excited to announce the arrival of Drone. This is definitely one of the best products to be listed on our store so far. Mexedrone is an MMC analogue cathinone compound that takes the memorable research chemical Mephedrone made popular by the team that produce Mcat or Mexecat currently. Mexedrone is a perfect tweak of Mephedrone to give the compound an absolutely uncontrolled status in the united Kingdom. Drone is basically pure form of Mexedrone - crystal so you expect it to blow you out of t..
Salvia: Disconnecting Consciousness
In my previous posts, I've looked at a lot of potential medical applications of Salvia; but now I want to return to the consciousness-altering effects of the plant. After all, when this entheogen was first discovered, it was being used in a religious context by the Mazatecs of Central America (Valdes et al. 1983). Salvia divinorum was grown in highly guarded groves, with shamans and their initiates drinking it in a tea and chewing the leaves. These highly religious rituals were intended to induce visions of angels; hence the local name for the plant, "ska Maria Pastora", meaning "leaves of Mar..
MORNING GLORY Convolvulaceae (Ipomoea spp.)
Identification: Climbing vine or shrub with adventitious roots, rapidly spreading. Trumpet- shaped flower, white or blue, but many species have various hues. Flower typically opens in morning. Seed is black and contains the drug. Habitat: Over 500 species worldwide—tolerant of both poor, dry soils and wetlands. Mexican varieties are especially hallucinogenic. I. purpurea (“manto de la Virgen”) found in the Yucatán has been used for hundreds of years in Mayan medicine and rituals. Seeds also used by the indigenous Zapotecs from which they made the powerful drug badoh negro; morning glories o..
Black diamond legal high herbal incense is now available at legal highs store
Legal highs store is excited to present black diamond legal highs. Black diamond herbal incense is one of the latest additions to the legal high collection. Black diamond legal high is available in packets of black diamond 1g and black diamond 3g. This legal high herbal incense is of High concentration as a result, it is super strong. Buy legal highs such as black diamond you should be quite aware of it warning level of strength. Buy legal high black diamond in bulk to enjoy massive discount. Use black diamond legal high responsibly. Legal highs store team..
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